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Administration & Infrastructure Management

GEMS - Graphical Entity Management System
GEMS is a unique, innovative, and state-of-art Technology Solution for the seating and infrastructure management of an organization

The system provides a rich graphical layout of the seating arrangement on a floor. It has intensive features to drag-n-drop seats, to manage seat allocation- add, delete, edit associate details, to create floor layouts, etc. It provides the business delivery team with a digital window on the infrastructure consumption and vacancy, through dynamic searches and Graphical Reports - Pie, Bar Charts and Excel Data, cut across Industry Verticals, Sub-Verticals, Clients, Projects, Regional Delivery Centers, Cities, Locations, etc. These wealth of features are made available through a simple mouse click event. This powerful tool is poised to enhance infrastructure utilization, bring transparency, and save enormous operational cost of the organization.

HR Talent Management

360° Feedback Tool
Through this tool a Supervisor is evaluated by his subordinates, through an online questionnaire. The answers to the quantitative questions reveals the supervisor's performance in areas, such as Leadership, Communication, Technical Knowledge, Organizational Knowledge, Customer Focus, Team Work, Employee Development, and Resource Allocation. These also showcase the extent of the supervisor's various managerial styles, such as People Manager, People Leader, Task Manager, Task Leader. All these attributes and sub-attributes are displayed through colour-coded, comparative bar charts, spider-charts, etc.

Health, Safety & Environment Management

AIMS - Accident Incident Management System
A multifunctional application to raise details of accidents, near misses, and illnesses, perform causal-analysis, and track the same to closure. Tool has in-built workflows and rich graphical reports.

FEPMS - Environment Performance Management System
An end-to-end data capture and analysis tool for various environmentally impacting data factors. An array of reports, such as Waste, Water, Electricity, Carbon Performance, GRI, etc. can be generated periodically through the tool. These reports are of paramount importance to analyze environment performance and chalking a strategy for improvement. Same time they serve to meet the sustainability and other regulatory requirements of the organization.

HSE - DMS - HSE Document Management System
A useful application to control and manage various documents, as required by ISO 14001. Apart from document control, the full-spectrum of the tool serves the purpose of enterprise collaboration and enterprise content management.

Carbon Footprint Calculator (CFC)
A simple utility to calculate the personal carbon footprint based on day-to-day activities.

Health, Safety & Environment Management

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