Vision, Mission & Values



"To be an established partner for 2000 plus organizations by 2012, fructifying their visions in areas of Health, Safety-Environment, Human Resources, and Process Automation "


"To be a Fast, Flexible, and Fun-to-work with organization."


• Conduct our Business with Uncompromising Ethics

• Demonstrate Integrity and Transparency in our Actions

• Support Diversity in our Workforce

• Emphasize Excellence in our Work Products

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Welcome to Poly-IT

Poly-IT is an innovative and rapidly-growing software product and services firm, based in Mumbai, India. We are driven to meet the diverse and difficult business needs of our customers, through simple yet powerful IT solutions. Our functional diversity extends from Corporate Administration, Human Resources, Health and Safety, to Content Management Systems. Our practice and processes are tuned to create high quality, functionality-rich, and affordable software solutions.

At Poly-IT, we understand that each customer is unique and requires tailor-made, high quality solutions on time. Our personalized solutions approach focuses on the dynamic synchronization of our customer’s business strategy with state-of-the-art technology. Leveraging our deep domain expertise, technology capabilities, exclusive products and strategic partnerships we integrate business processes, end-user needs and technology to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions that add substantial business value.

► We provide effective and efficient integrated solutions to suit your needs.

► We provide economical Software Development Services.

► We are committed to the development and application of management software for organizations globally.

► Our work is powered by unparallel quality and cutting edge technology.

► Our world-class processes ensure that the solutions that Poly IT architects are designed, built and deployed in     the most efficient and effective manner.