About Us

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Poly IT is an innovative and rapidly-growing software product and services firm, based in Mumbai, India. We are driven to meet the diverse and difficult business needs of our customers, through simple yet powerful IT solutions. Our functional diversity extends from Corporate Administration, Human Resources, Health and Safety, to Content Management Systems. Our practice and processes are tuned to create high quality, functionality-rich, and affordable software solutions.

We internally make use of Open Source technologies, thereby drastically bringing down the cost of development and creating tremendous value to our customers.

Our greatest asset lies in the passion and talent of our people. We are committed to toil harder and deliver better, but most importantly, we enjoy our work to the fullest. Over the years, Poly IT has achieved a remarkable position in software development, fuelled by the analytical power of our people. Our transparent, efficient, and flexible world class software development processes zero downs risks of project failures and creates powerful software solutions that meet present as well as future business needs.